Angus StuD Sires

Find below some of the Angus sires that we are using in our herd today.

Angus Sires

Chiltern Park Moe M6


Sire: Te Mania Foe F734

Dam: Srathewen Timeout Jade F15

DOB: 05/03/2016

See EBVs here.

Our first calves sired by Chiltern Park Moe M6 were born in 2020.

Sterling Pacific 904

ID: USA19444025

Sire: Hoover No Doubt

Dam: Baldridge Isabel B082

DOB: 13/02/2019

See EBVs here.

First calves sired by Sterling Pacific were born in 2022 and are looking promising. They were born easily and are growing well.

Ellingson Three Rivers

ID: USA19203618

Sire: Ellingson Homestead 6030

Dam: EA Emblynette 6279

DOB: 20/2/2018

See EBVs here.

We chose this bull for use over cows to inject growth. We’re excited to see progeny arrive late in 2023.

Texas Powerplay P613


Sire: Ayrvale Hercules H9

Dam: Texas Undine H647

DOB: 6/07/2018

See EBVs here.

Powerplay has crossed very well with our females. The progeny are born easily and have above average growth with outstanding muscle types. They look like peas in a pod. We will use him again.

Baldridge 38 Special

ID: USA18229487

Sire: EF Commando 1366

Dam: Baldridge Isabel Y69

DOB: 13/01/2015

See EBVs here.

This bull has been used as a complete outcross for our herd. Our first calves sired by Baldridge 38 Special were born in 2020 and we were extremely happy with the progeny. The 38 Special calves have a good finishing ability with good carcase qualities and great temperaments.