Charolais Dams

Wakefield Ace 4 G34E (AI)(RF)

SireHarvie Mojo
DamWakefield Ace A862E (AI)(ET)

Wakefield Ace 4 is a very stylish red factor cow from our original Mount William V92 line.  Her mother Ace A862 was a donor dam in our herd and had a wonderful udder set and milking ability with fertility and longevity which we think is so important in your female lines.  Ace 4 was flushed as a heifer and is pictured with her little red factor heifer calf K800 at foot by Winn Mans Lanza.  A very correct and eye catching line that we value in the Wakefield herd.

Ace 4 was flushed again successfully in 2016 and the embryos are still 'trickling' through our herd.  

Wakefield Ace A862E (AI)(ET)

SireSilverstream Jonah P91F
DamMount William V92E

Wakefield Ace A862E is wonderful Donor dam who has consistently given us outstanding progeny, including Donor dam Wakefield Ace 4 and stud sire Wakefield Jack Flash J635E.  Her grand daughter Wakefield Ace 6 K800E won Supreme Beef Exhibit at the age of 12 months at the 2015 Inverell Charolais Feature show and went on to win Intermediate Champion heifer at the 2015 National Heifer Show at Dubbo.

Embryos from this outstanding female line are available for sale.  Please contact us for details.

Wakefield Ace 6 K800E (AI)(RF)

SireWinn Mans Lanza
DamWakefield Ace 4 G34E

What an exceptional red factor heifer!  She has a wonderful temperament, great depth of body and such a wonderfully correct phenotype just an all round "sweet" heifer.

She has been flushed, with calves on the ground that are everything that we expected.  Her full flush brother Wakefield Masterclass M101 sold for $10,000 to Oakland Charolais stud in 2017.  

 K800 has a beautiful polled Elder's Blackjack heifer on her this year and she is looking special.

Wakefield Blush 2 (P)

SireWakefield Exhilarate E474E (AI)
DamWakefield Blush B938D (AI)(TW)(P)(RF)

Blush is an exceptional female in the Wakefield herd.  She is a smooth coated, long bodied female with tremendous style.  Blush is a donor that has been flushed sucessfully to new sire PCC Spartan - the calves are everything we hoped for and more!  We also flushed her to Bekka Dee Zulu BECZ1E with tremendous results and Airlie Koradji - watch this space!

Wakefield Autumn 15

SireWakefield Jumble J526E (AI)(P/S)(RF)
DamWakefield Autumn 6 (AI)(P)

Autumn 15 is a powerful but soft, deep flanked, homozygous polled cow that we have flushed successfully since she was a heifer.  She has a wonderful temperament and has a lovely udder and stands on good feet and legs.

She has been flushed to PCC Sudden Impact, Airlie Koradji and just lately to Fernavale Ripper and Pinay.  We are very happy with her progeny, they have style and tremendous phenotype that are true to type Charolais.


Mount William V92E

SireTalgoona Qantas
DamMount William Sybil

Mount William was one of our foundation females for our stud.  She has been very influential producing very fertile, strong females and powerful correct stylish bulls.  She has been a donor dam in the herd and we have many females with her blood lines in the herd.  She was a very mobile female with a great length and lovely shaped head that calved well and went back in calf without missing a beat.

The daugthers from this line are - Alanna, Anna, Amaze, Abracadabra and Ace.

Dursley Riddle

DamBallengara Nita

Riddle was another foundation female in our herd.  She produced easy fleshing, fertile bigger framed daughters that we still have in the herd today.  They are the Aphrodite, Angel, Autumn and Riddle daughters.

Wakefield Amaze A820E (AI)(ET)

DamMount William V92E

Wakefield Amaze A820E has been used a a donor dam because she consistently produces quality progeny true to the Charolais type.  Her daughters are wonderful milkers with great udders, are fertile and easy calving with a regal presence.  The bulls are powerful, growthy animals with quiet dispositions.